Assalamualaikum and hye to all my readers !

Just came back from the raintree club . Having dinner with my mother's worker . I suppose today I'm very excited about going to see my old classmates tomorrow . I miss them . Maybe when i'm in year 6 i'm not really the kind of girl that people adore but when i face Form 1 , i feel like most of the people can accept me and friend with me . The first time i heard about SKAK , i said to myself ' Everyone in 6A will got their skak's name ' but , i was wrong . After that i started to hate every single member of SKAK cause they didn't put me in . After a year missing them , i realize that Skak or no Skak is the same . We all in 1 class . So , everyone will said that we're classmates and not even mention about Skak . Everyday i try to ask for forgiveness from all of my ex-classmates , but i just to scare to ask . If any of my ex-classmates reading this , I just want to say ...


If any of you want to ask anything to me , just inbox me on facebook okey !
Kbai .  :)

Smileandsomeonesmilebacktoyou :)

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